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Breakfast Fundraiser 2017

National Vigil 2017

We Are Newtown – Please Join Us

“Our community is choosing to remember and honor those who lost their lives in that awful tragedy in ways that are quiet, personal, and respectful — centered on the themes of kindness and service to others.”
“There is great power in a community supporting and believing the notion that each of us can and do make a difference and that it is our compassion and genuine caring for one another that connects us not just in Newtown but as citizens of this country,”
“Perform a kindness in honor of those who lost their lives at Sandy Hook School; and spend some time in reflection about how our future can be made better for all persons,” Mrs. Llodra stated. “We have the opportunity to continue to move toward positive change — there is no greater gift of love than to act on behalf of those whose lives were taken.”
– Pat Llodra, Newtown First Selectman, when announcing that Newtown will not be hosting any town wide events for December 14th. (See full text here)