PrintThe Newtown Foundation is a Newtown-based, all volunteer, 501(c)3 organization that has been working tirelessly since the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy to help our community heal and be remembered as the place where positive cultural changes began.  Led by some of the same people who lead the Newtown Action Alliance, The Newtown Foundation is not involved in any legislative or electoral activities.  Instead it is focused on educational, healing and cultural programs including a focus on first responders and teachers to help them move forward.  The Newtown Foundation also focuses on helping teens to channel their fears and frustrations into positive activities, and to provide opportunities for them to network with other teens in cities and communities in an effort to become leaders in the quest for positive cultural change – after all, the future is in their hands.  The Newtown Foundation also focuses on community educational and enrichment programs, as well as victim and community outreach, near and far. For more information email Email :

Newtown Action is an action-based grassroots organization founded by Newtown residents in the weeks after December 14, 2012.

We are dedicated to reversing the escalating gun violence epidemic in this nation through the introduction of smarter, safer gun laws and broader cultural change.

Our membership is open to anyone who wants to help make this nation a safer place for our families and children.

One of our strategies to bring about change is to build bridges between the many rural and urban victims and communities that have and continue to be impacted by gun violence. The ground swell of support, and the ever growing chorus of voices demanding changes that put the safety and well-being of all children, and all communities, above all else, is palpable.  Donations we receive directly enable this bridge building which helps victims and survivors find and use their voices to tell their stories, and expand the movement in their communities all across America.

Among those voices, some of the loudest and most important, are the voices of our children.   The next generation of American leaders and voters, our teens, are rising up and have organized like never before.  We are very proud of the Junior Newtown Action Alliance for their work in transforming tragedy into a movement of positive cultural change.  They are leading their peers all across the America, and together, have some big things planned for 2014 and beyond!  Check out Sarah Clements, the Chair of the Jr. NAA talking to Rachel Maddow about this movement.  Teachers, law enforcement, parents and students from Texas, Colorado, Florida, Chicago, Hartford and other communities wanting to work with the Jr. NAA to replicate what they’ve started.  Donations that we receive enable the spread of this amazing youth movement.

Change is inevitable.  We are on the right side of history.   Love and kindness always wins over fear, greed and hatred.   We are already winning….think about how good it makes you feel to be kind to others… good it feels to know that you advocate for a more loving, open-minded and peaceful society, as opposed to preaching fear and worshiping machines that are designed only to kill.   That feeling, that warmth in your heart, that is how you know you are on the right side of history.   And your are in very good company.  Law Enforcement.  The Medical Profession.  Our Education Institutions, and the most educated and successful people in America all stand together with us on the right side of history.

Please join us and resolving to Honor With Action in 2014.  Spread kindness daily.  Thank a first-responder, teacher or caregiver.  Write op-eds and letters to editors.  Donate to help us increase the momentum on the change that is coming.  Contact lawmakers frequently….repeatedly.  Demand that they get on the right side of history and put the safety of our children before gun industry profits….and RESOLVE TO VOTE OUT THOSE THAT STAND IN THE WAY.

Our immediate goals:

Support policies and state legislators as they work to pass smarter, safer gun laws

Support policies and federal legislators as they work to pass smarter, safer gun laws.

Work together with other gun safety organizations towards safer schools, streets, towns, and cities.

Newtown Action Alliance is a section 501(c)4 issue advocacy organization.

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